keliceHave you come in search of the great plush of the deep wilds? You are in luck.

Here you can explore the wild, the mystical, the beautiful and the bizarre…creatures from the fringes of creation lovingly preserved by the careful taxidermy of Kelice Penney. Please feel free to browse through all the wondrous creations, but be wary – though they may appear harmless, lifeless, and of cuddly plush and fur, one could lose a finger in a moment of carelessness!

Every stuffed animal is designed and handmade to order in Seattle, WA from the finest of materials and with the utmost in love and care! These animals make great conversation starters, attention-getting pillows, startling home decor, or unusual toys for all ages. And if there's something you want but don't see, just get in touch and let us know – custom orders are always accepted!

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