About Us

Here you can explore the wild, the mystical, the beautiful and the bizarre: creatures from the fringes of creation, lovingly preserved by the careful taxidermy of Kelice Penney. Please feel free to browse through all the wondrous creations using the portals here, although be wary. Though the denizens hereof may appear harmless, lifeless, and almost of cuddly plush, one could lose a finger in a moment of carelessness.

As a child venturing through the dense forests of the Southern Continent with her parents, Kelice Penney caught a glimpse of the rare and magnificent Aquakoala. Since that original brush with the Hidden World, Ms. Penney has been obsessed with the singular notion of once again observing that great water-dwelling marsupial. In pursuit of this goal, she has become one of the most avid and driven collectors in the field of Mythological Taxidermy. She has traveled to the bleakest summit of Mount Qomolangma and the furthest jungles of Lemuria in order to find the most exceptional creatures for her clientele

To ensure a high standard of quality as well as a wide variety of plush textures and vivid colors, each creature herein is designed and built painstakingly by Kelice, with the occasional help of a small gaggle of loyal followers - no overseas mass production here! As such, every one of our creations is unique and, we fervently hope, meaningful to its eventual owner.

Not seeing something you want? Contact kelice@carefulitbites.com to commission a custom order! This can entail anything from a Severed Yeti Head in just the right colors to a one-of-a-kind mythological being that only your most bizarre dreams could conjure!

Check out Kelice's portfolio of past work to get some inspiration.