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Purveyors of Cuddly Creatures from the Deep Wilds and Far Corners


Severed Yeti Heads

Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman. Often hunted but rarely glimpsed, claimed a figment of the imagination, a ruse, a hoax – whatever the name, this elusive beast inspires fear, awe, and...snuggles!

Now you can join the rarified ranks of successful collectors by proudly displaying (or just obsessively hugging) your very own Severed Yeti Head in one of two squeezable sizes – Pygmy and Huge. Featuring plush fur, floppy ears, beady eyes and anatomically correct bloody stumps, either size makes a grotesquely adorable companion and conversation piece in the home or office. 

Like all our creatures, Yeti Heads are handmade in Seattle and feature safety eyes for the wee ones.